February 6, 2023

Under Florida law, homeowners insurance policies must cover property damage caused by wind.  Yet insurance companies will attempt to delay, deny or underpay valid wind damage claims since they are in the business of making a profit.  As such, an experienced and results-oriented property damage attorney can make all the difference in obtaining compensation for wind damage from your insurance company. 

Our Florida wind damage law firm has successfully litigated and resolved property damage claims related to wind caused by hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail, and heavy rain events.  We are passionate about protecting property owners’ rights as wind may cause significant damage or total destruction, including blown-off roofs, damage from falling trees, water intrusion, broken doors/windows/screens, and other losses.  We work with a team of experts, including professional engineers, roofers, and contractors to ensure properties are repaired correctly and completely.  

An attorney from Corless Law Group can meet with you to discuss your legal options and the details of your wind damage claim, at no cost.  Put our 25+ years of experience to work for you.  To arrange a free consultation regarding your property damage case, call 813-258-4998.

Conveniently located in Tampa, Florida our wind damage law firm represents and counsels policyholder clients throughout the Sunshine State.  If you have suffered damage to your property and are not sure what your policy includes, our wind damage attorney can review your insurance policy and advise you of your next best steps for receiving full and fair compensation. 

Additionally, in cases where an insurance company does not act ethically when investigating and resolving your wind damage claim, we can file a bad faith action and successfully seek punitive damages on your behalf.  

Our Florida wind damage claims law firm knows how to analyze policy language and handle any disputes regarding coverage or exclusions.  When it comes to wind damage claims, acting quickly is vital in order to document the damages and help you get the full amount you need to repair or rebuild your property after a storm. 

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