January 14, 2022

Corless Law Group has a reputation for results and protects our clients’ rights when it comes to sinkhole activity that causes property damage and loss.  We’re your fiercest advocates as you battle your insurance company for coverage that is rightfully yours. 

As winning sinkhole lawyers, we do more than just file a claim; we build the team to solve your riddle, and get your claim paid.  No matter the size or scope of your claim, we’ll employ our more than two decades of experience and knowledge in multi-unit, large sinkhole losses to help you get the best possible outcome.  If you’ve lost property or experienced inconveniences due to a sinkhole damage, call 813-258-4998 for a free, comprehensive consultation.

As a seasoned sinkhole lawyer, I work with an extraordinary team to evaluate your claim; help you make sound sinkhole repair decisions; retain and consult expert geologists, geotechnical engineers, contractors, and structural engineers; and litigate your claim through the appeal process, if necessary.  Rest assured that your sinkhole damage claim will be thoroughly evaluated, investigated, and litigated in order to ensure that you are fully compensated by your insurance company. 

When it comes to dealing with multiple buildings and properties managed by LCAMs, for example, don’t give your claim to a law firm who handles only smaller, single-family homes.  The larger the loss, the more the need for documentable experience and proven success. As a property owner, you have rights when it comes to sinkhole damage.  I tried my first sinkhole case in 1999, and have since successfully represented insureds in claims for sinkhole damage and are prepared to force your insurance company to honor your claim. 

Corless Law Group counsels many types of insureds – including multi-unit properties, businesses, homeowners associations, LCAMs, and their representatives – to recover benefits on sinkhole damage insurance claims throughout the State of Florida.  We provide valuable insight to help you navigate the claim process and complex sinkhole laws while serving as your dedicated advocates.

Corless Law Group can document record-setting verdicts for larger properties and against the largest insurers, from discovery through verdict and appeals to the highest courts.  Click here to view results we have obtained while representing Boards of Directors who are policyholders in sinkhole claims.  If you want to talk to our former clients in this context, we can provide specific references.

Sinkhole damage insurance claims are scrutinized by adjusters who are looking for defenses.  As a result, Corless Law Group approaches the investigation and resolution of your sinkhole claim with the utmost care, attention, tenacity, diligence, and technical skills.  We’ll fight for the money you deserve to stabilize and repair your property and business.  

If your sinkhole claim is denied, it is imperative to hire an experienced sinkhole damage insurance attorney to help you with an existing claim against your homeowner’s insurance company.    Whether in the courtroom or during settlement negotiations, Corless Law Group can obtain full and fair payment on sinkhole damage insurance claims.  Contact us at 813-258-4998.

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