June 7, 2016

Today’s video is about sinkhole activity and Florida homeowners policies.

Sinkholes & Florida Homeowners Policies

What happens if you find out that your next door neighbor has a confirmed sinkhole? It’s very frightening. You’ve just discovered that sinkhole activity might be affecting your neighbors house and potentially affecting your house as well. In doing so, this sinkhole may have affected the value of the entire neighborhood.

If you’ve discovered that there’s been a confirmed sinkhole in your neighborhood, you should do what I suggest people do once a year: take a video of your entire home, inside and out. Walk the entire perimeter outside and look to see if you have any damage whatsoever, and note the date that you took the video.

Why are you doing that? Well the reason is that many times sinkhole activity itself won’t propagate to a neighbors house, but the problem arises when they hire someone to fix the sinkhole activity. It’s not just the sinkhole activity that causes the problem, but actually the fix itself. Here’s the thing:  Sinkhole activity is ubiquitous in the state of Florida. It’s everywhere, especially in counties like Hillsborough County, Polk County, Pinellas County, and Citrus County. These are areas where you see a high-concentration of sinkhole activity, and you can expect in most neighborhoods that there’s going to be at least one or two homes where sinkhole activity has been confirmed.

You should be aware of that. You should be vigilant in looking at your house to determine whether or not the sinkhole activity in your neighborhood is in fact affecting your biggest investment, that being your home. If you need help with your insurance claim or just understanding your insurance coverage, please visit our website at www.CorlessBarfield.com or give us a call. You take care of your family, and we’ll take care of the Florida homeowners policies. 


Sinkhole Map