October 6, 2016

How MMA Fighter Marcus Kowal was Affected by Drinking & Driving

Hi, I’m Ted Corless. I’m a lawyer with the Corless Barfield Trial group located in Tampa FL. One of the most impossible things that you have to do as a lawyer is to deal with a family that has lost a child as the result of the negligence of others. We read in the new just in the past couple of dats that Marcus Kowal, an MMA fighter, lost his 15-month old son to a drunk driver. His daughter, who was 15, was taking the child out on a stroll when a drunk driver, a women 72 years old, drove up on the sidewalk and killed the baby and severely injured the 15-year-old girl. I guess the reason I bring this up in this context is so that I can remind people again that drinking and driving is a morbidly wrong thing to do. No matter how little you think you had to drink it’s imperative that you take an Uber, take a cab, or call a friend so that you are not out driving when intoxicated. If you’ve had the unfortunate situation where you’ve suffered as a result due to the accident caused by a drunk driver I would encourage you to go to our website at www.corelessbarfield.com, be well.