May 3, 2019

Teamwork makes the dream work. We have turned the indispensable idea of working with a team of experts, including seasoned investigators, support staff, paralegals, consultants, jury experts, and top-notch lawyers, into a reality at Corless Barfield Trial Group.  Most of the team at CBTG joined our crew more than a decade ago, each contributing to our regular, award-winning successes.

Over the years, our Tampa-based law firm has helped hundreds of property owners recover more than $250 million in compensation to account for their damages.  We are proud of our exemplary record in complicated property damage cases, and we understand that clients have a great deal invested in the outcome.  As such, we invest a great deal of our resources in them.  Just ask our opponents, who would likely describe us as professional, but also ferocious when the time to be so is necessary.

Property damage lawsuits can be very multifaceted, involving complex legal and scientific issues. Every case requires a lot of help from legal staff members and a masterful team.  Due to our longstanding business relationships, we can address all the legal needs you may have.  We do not take cases that “might” go to trial, but instead prepare each case as if we know it “will” go to trial.  Insurance companies know that about us, and must either make good on their promises to our clients, or we will take them to task, all the way to the Florida Supreme Court.

At Corless Barfield, there is a pool of knowledge and know-how.  Our team provides our clients with complementary skills and abilities; support and engagement; and advice and counsel.  Our law firm’s success is a result of the active and constructive engagement of its staff, lawyers, consultants, investigators, and experts.  The reason we can provide superior results is because of the dedication of our team, which includes the person who answers the phone all the way to the people who pick the jury and appear in court.

Lawyering is high-stakes, especially when you regularly try cases worth more than $10 million as we do.  All you need to do is google “Corless Barfield” and you will see what the press and our opponents report about us.  That is why the teamwork mentality we teach, preach, and follow is of such importance. Corless Barfield has built a strong staff by identifying strategic partners, working with high-profile and renowned consultants, hiring experts when necessary, and outsourcing work to others, such as acclaimed appellate lawyers, all of whom we work with extraordinarily closely.

Our enthusiastic and powerful law firm team supports positive results.  The skilled property insurance attorneys at CBTG can help you make sure that your rights are protected and your interests prioritized in the event of property damage.

Teamwork is the fuel that allows for superlative results.  Effective teamwork is critical to law firm success.  Clients expect – and we deliver – that their lawyers and legal staff will work productively across departments, offices, and even jurisdictions. The greater complexity of cases require more frequent collaboration and sharing of resources.  There is no question that our law firm and our clients benefit tremendously as a result of the collaborative work environment we have fostered and our emphasis on the importance of teamwork.  Corless Barfield Trial Group works well both internally amongst colleagues and externally with clients.

We prioritize collaboration.  It is a key element that drives our success and greatly benefits our valued clientele.  If your home, commercial property, apartment complex or business has suffered property damage, call Corless Barfield Trial Group today at 813-258-4998 to learn more.  If you want to join our team, you might be a good fit should you desire the kind of challenge that would allow you to successfully change the course of our client’s lives.