June 25, 2018

Your home and your business are likely two of your biggest assets. When those assets are damaged by water, wind, fire, storms, sinkholes, business interruption losses, or another unfortunate circumstance, you need an insurance claims attorney to fight for what is rightfully yours.

The attorneys at Corless Barfield Trial Group will work to obtain the full value for your claim since your insurance company will seek to minimize, delay or deny your insurance claim.

Recent insurance headlines have given policyholders pause. For instance, insurance loss estimates from Hurricane Irma have hit $9.7 billion, up by more than $1 billion since April, according to the latest numbers posted by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. Those numbers don’t include many agriculture losses, which the state has estimated at $2.5 billion.

When a massive storm strikes, Corless Barfield Trial Group lawyers are committed to helping businesses and individuals obtain the full benefits they are owed under their insurance policies. We represent clients in storm damage cases and other high stakes insurance coverage disputes throughout Florida, the United States, and Puerto Rico.

Will your insurance rates increase? Citizens Property Insurance Co. announced in June that it would delay a decision on 2019 rate increases until December. Earlier in the year, state-owned Citizens sought to increase annual rates by about 10 percent, the maximum allowable by state law. Seeking the maximum allowable rate hikes for its customers has become a tradition for Citizens.

The Citizens Board of Governors voted to wait until a December meeting to consider a rate increase that would average 7.9 percent for residential policyholders across the state. Commercial policyholders, including condominium associations, would face an 8.9 percent average rate increase under the proposal. The recent media backlash against Citizens may have prompted them to table these rate hike talks and implementation until December 2018.

Complex commercial and residential property insurance claim disputes are our business. Whether the dispute involves a denied or delayed claim for coverage or a disagreement over the value of a loss, Corless Barfield Trial Group helps our clients identify and secure maximum coverage for their losses. We represent clients ranging from individual homeowners to real estate developers, condominium associations, and other commercial entities.

Our lawyers have an in-depth understanding of insurance policy language, laws, technological advancements and materials, and regulations. We work directly with clients and experts to achieve a positive outcome through negotiation and litigation.

While Corless Barfield Trial Group strives to negotiate fair resolutions in property coverage disputes where appropriate, the lawyers at our firm have the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to successfully litigate complex, high-profile cases. Our clients thrive as a result of the wealth of experience we have in preparing and litigating these complicated cases.

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