March 14, 2018

Built in the 1980s, Cloverplace is a duplex community just off U.S. 19 in Pinellas County. The 120 buildings (240 units) are home to about 500 people, many of them retirees and young families. 

In 2007, residents of the Cloverplace Condos began to notice unmistakable signs of sinkhole activity. Walls were cracking, stucco was peeling off, doors no longer closed as they should. Depressions formed alongside units. Last week, a Pinellas County jury announced one of the largest verdicts ever against state-run Citizens — $12.7 million. 

It is often the case that property owners will have to fight their insurance companies to cover a loss. CBTG utilizes an aggressive, tenacious approach to help clients receive the compensation they deserve for various types of real estate damage and property loss.

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