July 10, 2017

Businesses, property managers, homeowners associations, and real estate developers purchase property insurance to protect their land, buildings, inventory, and other property. Without insurance, damage due to theft, plumbing leaks, fire loss, sinkholes, busted pipes or weather-related events could be financially devastating. However, delayed, underpaid, or denied claims for coverage can be equally calamitous. The experienced insurance law attorneys at Corless Barfield Trial Group represent homeowners and business owners throughout Florida in first-party insurance disputes.

 Corless Barfield attorneys have devoted their practice of the law to property insurance disputes. We know how to negotiate with the insurance companies and have the litigation experience to zealously pursue your interests at trial. Denied property damage claims shouldn’t be your problem. A property insurance dispute requires in-depth investigation and the technical knowledge that comes from understanding, negotiating, drafting, and reviewing insurance policies. Insurance policies are complex contracts. At Corless Barfield, we recognize the subtleties of insurance policies, contract law, and insurance law and regulation. Using this knowledge, we will advocate for full and fair coverage of your losses.

 The ownership and management of real estate can be complicated, and an insurance dispute involving property is highly specialized. Our attorneys have developed a national reputation handling these types of disputes involving a variety of types of properties, such as apartment complexes, office buildings, homeowners and property owners associations, hotels, retail centers, and industrial buildings, each of which have distinctive characteristics that need to be evaluated during an insurance lawsuit.

Corless Barfield Trial Group has represented individual and business owners, association boards, investment trusts, and commercial property owners against virtually every major insurance carrier. Our attorneys advocate on behalf of property insurance policyholders who are involved in disputes with their insurance companies. We work to achieve a successful resolution to disputes.

Property managers and commercial tenants often leave themselves vulnerable to disputes. We regularly assist our clients in protecting their interests when they experience excessive delays from the insurance company for property damage incidents; assertions by the insurer that the damage resulted from wear and tear and is not covered; failure of the insurer to promptly pay claims; failure of the insurer to properly investigate and assess property claims promptly; and insufficient claim assessments and settlement offers by the insurer.

Our legal team can help you take action against your commercial or residential insurance carrier that has operated in bad faith by delaying or denying the cost of property repair. Your insurance company is not your friend. Insurers habitually look for ways to deny coverage or pay less than the amount of loss. They may use your statements against you. Moreover, it is important to avoid false or inaccurate statements that can place your credibility and/or coverage at risk. To arrange a free consultation to discuss your property insurance dispute with an attorney at Corless Barfield Trial Group, please call us today at 877-517-5595 or 813-258-4998.