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Amendment 2

Q&A With Ted Corless From the Tampa Bay Paralegal Association Luncheon

In March 2017, Ted Corless had the privilege of being the keynote speaker at the Tampa Bay Paralegal Association luncheon held at...
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Florida House Bill 1397 Outlines Proposed Medical Marijuana Rules

Florida’s medical marijuana bill (HB 1397) is moving through the Florida House but it has drawn sharp criticism as being too restrictive...
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Understanding Florida’s Medical Marijuana Amendment

While about 58 percent of the votes were in favor of Amendment 2 in 2014, it failed to meet the requisite 60%...
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What Trump Means for Legal Weed

If Donald Trump is to be the “greatest jobs president,” what does that mean for the budding medical marijuana industry in Florida?...
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Why You Should’ve Voted on Amendment 2

Hello. I’m Ted Corless, editor of News Munchies. I’m also a private citizen in the state of Florida. Why does that matter?...
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