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How to Spot Sinkholes

You may have seen a sinkhole covered in local or national news as a sensational story. Such headline-worthy articles and videos typically show sinkholes causing huge traffic jams or homes literally sinking into the ground. Other times, sinkhole activity does not cause a large-scale collapse but it becomes a chronic problem for owners of multiple...
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What’s the Damage? Why You Must Hire A Property Damage Insurance Attorney

Commercial. Residential.  Condominium. Community Management Associations.  Licensed Community Association Managers.  Many policyholders do their best to submit insurance claims after property damage, but they oftentimes run into trouble when dealing with their insurance company.  In fact, submitting claims and negotiating with your insurer can be extremely frustrating and confusing.  At Corless Barfield Trial Group, our...
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What Makes A Great Trial Lawyer? 3 Tips and Tools

“In all things success depends on previous preparation, and without such previous preparation there is sure to be failure.” -Confucious The vast majority of lawyers do not communicate effectively with jurors. How do I know this? As a seasoned trial lawyer for nearly a quarter century, I have a success record at trial that is...
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