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Water Damage Lawyers Tampa – Corless Barfield Trial Group

When dealing with water damage, the question becomes “Is the damage covered?” Your insurance company probably will send out an expert to determine the source of the water, how long the water has been accumulating, and other issues that relate to whether or not your damage will be covered under your homeowner’s policy. Most insurance policies penalize property insurance policyholders on water losses unless the property owner was present at the property for a period of time before the loss. Their argument would be that if you had been at the home, the loss either would not have occurred, or if it did, the damage would not be as bad as it ultimately was. Many people do leave their homes for 30 days or more, when it is a second home in another state. Additionally, for adult children caring for aging adults who have been moved out of the home, this can catch you unaware. Not all water loss insurance policy exclusions are written the same way. Some policies focus on whether the leak was gradual seepage of water over time. In this situation, the primary concern is whether the pipe was a drip or a burst. The biggest difference between this exclusion and others is that there are no time restrictions, as it does not require notice to the insurance company within a particular period of time. Other exclusions will require notice to the insurance company within 14 days of the first drop of water. Overall, our homeowners’ insurance clients find these provisions very frustrating and unpredictable. In the end, it is a good idea to read your policy carefully to determine what’s excluded. If you cannot make heads or tails of the policy, ask us and we can take a look for you. Stay dry and call us if you have any problems.

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