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Medical Marijuana

Cannabis Laws in Florida: Where We Are Now and Where We Are Headed

As sweeping state reforms usher in a new era of cannabis decriminalization and legalization, attorney Ted Corless examines the burgeoning field of...
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Florida House Bill 1397 Outlines Proposed Medical Marijuana Rules

Florida’s medical marijuana bill (HB 1397) is moving through the Florida House but it has drawn sharp criticism as being too restrictive...
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Florida Attorney Weighs in on Future of Medical Marijuana

At Corless Barfield Trial Group we support the constitutional efforts of the public. There are more than 600 Florida physicians that can...
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Ted Corless Gives Cannabis Lecture to Tampa Bay Paralegal Association

The “Green Rush” has hit Florida, creating novel and contradictory legal positions between the State’s constitutional protections and the Federal Government’s continued...
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Understanding Florida’s Medical Marijuana Amendment

While about 58 percent of the votes were in favor of Amendment 2 in 2014, it failed to meet the requisite 60%...
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What Trump Means for Legal Weed

If Donald Trump is to be the “greatest jobs president,” what does that mean for the budding medical marijuana industry in Florida?...
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