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Insurance Applications – What To Know

The insurance company may know about inaccuracies in your insurance policy and seek to deny a claim even though they renew coverage....
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Structural Damage Issues Caused by Sinkhole Activity

Insurers want to deny or limit your access to insurance coverage when a sinkhole is involved. We spend our time fighting insurance companies,...
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Handling Complex Auto Insurance Coverage Disputes

We understand how insurance policies work. There doesn’t have to be adverse relationships between the parties. But it can get complicated. We...
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Insurance Exclusions & Social Unrest

Riots, civil unrest, and partying during March Madness may cause property damage. The damage and destruction can be devastating. Shops burn, glass...
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Follow the Evidence – Examinations Under Oath

Insurance companies are using Examinations Under Oath, which is a discovery tool, to deny claims. But do insurance companies abuse this privilege...
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